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Schedules, Fees and Forms 


Course Schedules 

1.   Academic Schedule [PDF - 156KB] 
2.   CGA Course Schedules 
3.   Refund, Withdrawal and Session Change Deadlines [PDF - 37KB] 
4.   Course Prerequisite Schedule [PDF - 13KB] 


Lecture Schedules 

5.   UBC In-Person Lecture Schedule 
6.   UBC In-Person Exam Review Schedule
7.   Public Speaking Schedule

PA1 and PA2 Virtual Classroom Schedules


8.   PA1 and PA2 Virtual Classroom Schedules 


Assignment Due Dates 

9.   Assignment Due Date Schedule  

Exam Schedules 

10.  Assignment and Exam Qualifications Summary
11.  Exam Schedules
12.  Exam Centre Codes 


Program Sequences

13. Program 98 [PDF - 282KB]
14. Program 06 [PDF - 277KB] 


15.   CGA Course Fees [PDF - 77KB]
16.   Other CGA Academic Fees [PDF - 17KB]
17.   CGA Course Refund Schedule
[PDF - 65KB]
18.   Challenge Exam Fees [PDF - 49KB]
19.   Fee for Private Tutoring 


Transfer Credit Forms 

20.   Request for Transfer Credit Form
21.   Request for Degree Completion  

Course/Exam Forms 
22.   Late Assignment Submission Request Form
23.   Program Change Form (to change to Program 06)
24.   Supplies Order Form
25.   Withdrawal Request Form: Course and Exam Withdrawal
26.   Withdrawal Request Form: CGA Program Withdrawal
27.   "Regrade", Critique, PA1/PA2 Post Examination Review Request Form
Student Forms 

28.   Request For Special Exam Accommodations [PDF - 111KB]
29.   Documentation of Medical Condition [PDF - 254KB]
30.   Student Card Replacement Form 
31.   Transcript Request Form - Current Student 
32.   Transcript Request Form - Former Student [PDF - 63KB]
33.   Request for Letter of Student Status
34.   Student Transfer Application - for students moving out of BC [PDF - 30KB]
35.   Request for CGA Program Overview Letter
36.   Membership Application Form [PDF - 139KB]

Degree Partner Schedules, Fees & Forms 
37.   Degree Partner Course Fees [PDF - 8KB]
38.   Degree Partner Supplies Order Form 
39.   Degree Partner Course Refund Schedule [PDF - 66KB]
40.   Laurentian University HBCom Course and Prerequisite Schedule [PDF - 50KB]
41.   Laurentian University MBA Course and Prerequisite Schedule [PDF - 135KB]

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