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CGA Expands Global Reach 


CGA has separate mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) with some of the world's largest and most prestigious accounting bodies: the London-based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)—the world's largest and fastest growing international accountancy body—CPA Australia, and CPA Ireland.

CPA Australia is the sixth largest accounting body in the world, with more than 117,000 finance, accounting and business professionals across the globe. ACCA has 110,000 members and 260,000 students in 170 countries.  The Institute of Certified Public Accounting in Ireland (CPA Ireland) is one of the main accountancy bodies in Ireland, and its members work in 28 countries around the world.  CGA represents 68,000 members and students in Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Hong Kong and China.

Each agreement allows for qualified members of either body to become a member of the other, and to enjoy the benefits that both Associations offer.

CPA Australia 
CPA Ireland 
OEC de France 


CGA-ACCA Globe and Mail Ad - December 19, 2006  [PDF 801 KB] 

Read the Media Release about the ACCA agreement.   [PDF 738 KB] 

Backgrounder to the ACCA agreement.   [PDF 325 KB] 


Process to Obtain an ACCA Designation 

  • Print and complete the Application for Direct Admission to Membership form.
  • Contact the [registrar#cga-bc,org]CGA-BC Registrar to obtain a letter stating that you are a CGA in good standing.
  • Complete the course entitled, Overview of UK Tax and Law, on PD Net.  (See important note below.) After you have successfully achieved a passing mark of 70 per cent for each of the quizzes, print your Certificate of Completion.
  • If a transfer/exemption credit for Overview of UK Tax and Law is granted by ACCA, provide official sealed transcripts from the post-secondary institution.
  • Submit the fee, ACCA application form, Certificate of Completion, and the member in good standing letter to the ACCA at:

CGA Application for ACCA Membership
Customer Services
2 Central Quay
89 Hydepark Street
Glasgow, United Kingdom
G3 8BW

  • Once the above information has been provided and approved by ACCA, you will be notified of your successful admission to membership and have the right to use the ACCA designation.
  • Provide the CGA-BC Registrar with a copy of the ACCA confirmation and ID # so that the accreditation can be updated on your member record.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have previously studied UK Tax and Law, please contact ACCA to determine whether you are exempt from taking the PD Net course.

ACCA Contact Information 

Email: ACCA Connect
General Enquires: 


CPA Australia


CGA-CPA Australia Globe and Mail Ad - April 9, 2008  [PDF 504 KB] 

Read the Media Release about the CPA Australia Agreement.

The MRA was signed on March 31, 2008, at the CPA Australia Board of Directors meeting in Melbourne. The agreement went into effect on April 8, 2008.

CGA members who wish to apply for CPA Australia membership should see Pathway to CPA Australia Membership.

CPA Australia members who wish to apply for CGA membership should see the CGA-Canada Website.  Here, you'll find information on the initial application process, the initial application form, and an FAQ about the process. 

Please note: The use of the CPA designation is restricted in some jurisdictions. 

CGA-Canada members 

  • CGA-Canada members can apply to become members of CPA Australia if they have:
  • NOT become a CGA by virtue of another MRA;
  • Remained members in good standing;
  • Three years of work experience;
  • Completed the following CPA Australia courses: Corporate Governance and Accountability, and Business Strategy and Leadership.

CPA Australia members 

  • CPA Australia members can apply to become CGAs if they have:
  • NOT become a member of CPA Australia by virtue of another MRA;
  • Remained members in good standing;
  • Completed the following CGA courses: Overview of Canadian Tax and Law, and the Professional Applications Reciprocity Evaluation (PARE). The PARE course will be available beginning in June 2008.

CPA Australia Contact Information 

Level 28, Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9606 9700
Fax: +61 3 9670 8901

If you have a hearing, speech or communication impairment and would like assistance communicating with CPA Australia please contact us through the National Relay Service using modem or textphone (TTY) by dialing 133 677 and quoting the number you wish to call.


CPA Ireland 


See the media release about the MRA signed by CGA-Canada and CPA Ireland.

For CGAs Interested in CPA Ireland Membership

See the  FAQ for CGAs considering joining CPA Ireland.

Fill out the Application for Admission to Associate Membership of CPA Ireland.

Click here for further information about the CPA and CGA-Canada Mutual Recognition Agreement.

For CPA Ireland Members Interested in CGA Membership 

To see the eligibility, general requirements, the six-step application process, ongoing designation, and public practice requirements, see the Initial Application Process.

Fill out the Initial Application Form for CPA Ireland Members.

See the FAQ for CPA Ireland members contemplating becoming CGAs.


OEC de France 
For CGAs Interested in OEC de France Membership 
If you are a CGA interested in Ordre des Experts-Comptables de France membership, please note the following:


  • Applicants must be fluent in French - both oral and written.
  • Applicants must pass exams in the following subjects:

    1. Contract law
    2. Corporate law and collective procedure law
    3. Tax law
    4. Labour law

The exams are available in France (in the French language) at the end of October of each year.


  • Complete the following seminars (no exam), available in various areas of France:

    1. Ethics and accountants’ professional, civil and criminal liability (1 day)
    2. Professional standards applicable to public accountants (2 days)
  • Applicants must be in public practice in France – not working in industry, etc.

OEC Contact Information
Contact Helene Michelin at



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