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Member Advisor 

As part of our culture of ethical support, CGA-BC appoints a Member Advisor, someone who can have protected confidential discussions or act as a “sounding board” for members or students who find themselves in situations of potential ethical concern.

This role is specifically provided for under our Code, Rule R104.1 Member Advisor:

A member or other person appointed by the Association as a member advisor, or to a similar position, shall be exempt and prohibited from reporting under these rules any matter of which the appointee becomes aware in the course of the duties incumbent in such a position.

Recognizing the fact that this role presents unique challenges, we have appointed a member of the Law Society of BC as the Member Advisor for members and students needing ethical advice relating to our Code. This ensures that the confidentiality of any such conversation is protected, not only by Rule R104.1 of our Code, but also under the principle of lawyer-client privilege. This provides an additional layer of protection.

If the Member Advisor needs to discuss a situation with Association staff, that can be done on a no-name basis, without violating the confidence.

If you need to discuss a potential ethical breach with the Member Advisor, call Brigitte Ilk at (604) 629-8363 or email She will provide you with contact information for Tim Holmes, the Member Advisor.

These contacts will almost always be by telephone. It is not possible to identify all such situations, but examples would include the following:

  • Employee being pressured to breach Code or standards
  • Some types of partnership conflicts
  • Potential complaint to be filed with the Association
  • Existing complaint file
  • Fraud or theft
  • Harassment
  • Money laundering
  • Breach of a statute.
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