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Volunteer With CGA-BC 

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Inspire, Learn, and Lead 

Volunteering at CGA-BC can be a rewarding experience providing opportunities for skills development, career growth, and networking.

At the governance level, we have a variety of volunteer positions on standing committees and advisory groups.  Association standing committees are chaired by a member of the Board of Governors, and appointed annually by the Board to address specific key responsibilities.  Advisory groups are established and appointed as required by the Executive Director.  Advisory groups’ key responsibility is to advise staff on matters relating to the Association’s tactical plan and operations.

In addition, the Association offers numerous volunteer opportunities of a shorter duration that assist in the delivery of CGA services and events, and we encourage local participation through CGA-BC in the Community.

Volunteering with the Association allows members and students to:

  • Meet new people and expand their professional networks.
  • Develop new skills and related experience.
  • Develop mentoring skills working with others.
  • Contribute to their community and designation.

CGA-BC has over 800 members and students who volunteer their time and expertise.  Consider participating in one of the many volunteer positions that come available year round. These positions are updated frequently, be sure to check back to review new postings or contact [phurst#cga-bc,org]Volunteering.

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