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The Road to Graduation A Timeline from CGA Student to CGA Graduate 

Some happy graduates - CGA-BC Class of 2011 

If you’re approaching the end of your CGA program of studies, you should be planning ahead for your graduation.  Here are some general guideposts to consider along the way:

Notification of Eligibility – Approximately four weeks before you write your last exam, and have completed your practical experience and degree requirement, you will be deemed eligible for graduation.  The Association will send an e-mail notification of your potential graduate status and will require that you follow the graduation process.

Graduation Process – Once you have fulfilled all the CGA-BC program requirements, you must complete the application for membership form.  Application to membership requires sponsorship by two CGA-BC or CGA Canada members. This is an integral part of the membership requirements; you should attempt to secure sponsors early on in the program.  By signing your application for membership form, the sponsors are vouching  that you will represent the Association in a professional and ethical manner.

Marks Release Date – Your completed membership application form is due one week after the marks release date for each given session. 

Approval Date – After the application for membership form is submitted, the process of preparation for approval begins.  Potential graduates are approved to membership approximately four weeks after the marks release date.

Membership Status Date – After approval of your admission into membership, you will receive your member dues notification by email and you must pay your member dues within five days. 

Within one week of your acceptance into membership, you will receive an email from Pamela Skinner, CPA, FCGA, Director, Member Services, confirming that you are now a Certified General Accountant (CGA) with CGA-BC.  This email will provide you with a link to the electronic New Member Package.  To make your first year and your ongoing CGA membership a success, it is your obligation to read and understand the information provided in the electronic New Member Package.  Online confirmation that you've read all the information is required.  Your Certificate of Membership will be mailed to you within six to eight weeks after your acceptance date.

Convocation (Graduation) Ceremonies – The CGA-BC convocation ceremony happens once a  year in the Fall.  Session 4 graduates from the previous academic year and Session 1, 2 and 3 graduates from the current academic year are invited to attend the ceremonies.  Please note that Session 4 graduates will always attend the following year’s convocation ceremonies.

Mandatory Ethics Requirements for New Graduates – All new members who graduate from the CGA program must take a full-day (6.5 hours) rules and standards workshop as a requirement of certification.  Only the CGA-BC in-person workshop:  "The Essence of Professionalism: Ethics, Rules and Standards for New CGAs" OR the PD Network online course:  "Professionalism: Ethics, Rules, and Standards for New CGAs" can fulfill this requirement.  New members have one full calendar year after their date of graduation to complete the ethics requirement.  For example, an August 31, 2012 graduate must complete the workshop on or before December 31, 2013.  There are NO exemptions available from this mandatory Ethics requirement for new graduates.  If you require more information regarding this mandatory membership requirement, please contact [itomyn#cga-bc,org]Irene Tomyn.

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