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PA1 and PA2 Course Refreshers 

The PA1 and PA2 courses assume that a student is already quite comfortable with their technical knowledge acquired in prior CGA courses. Therefore, the delivery of these courses does not focus on providing students with in-depth reviews of prior course material. Rather they will expose a student to various case-based scenarios. Students are expected to apply their technical and non-technical competencies to these cases as is appropriate under the circumstances.

While the courses do not contain assignments that focus on relearning past materials, these courses do provide students with Course Refreshers. Students can utilize these Course Refreshers in order to review pertinent areas of past course content that they may have forgotten. Access to the Course Refreshers are available once a student has actively enrolled in the PA1 or PA2 course within BlackBoard OLE. 

In order to assist students with their PA1 or PA2 course preparation, we have provided you with a link below to these Course Refreshers so that you can access them at anytime whether or not you are actively enrolled within either of these courses.   If you thinking of taking PA1 you should concentrate on the AU1, FA4, TX1 and the GAAS/GAAP Course Refreshers.  If you are thinking of taking PA2 you should concentrate on the FA4, FN1, MA2, and the GAAS/GAAP Course Refreshers.

Course Refreshers 

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