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Summary of Important Changes
for 2014-2015

Unsubscribe Feature on Student Communications
CGA Program Changes
Supplemental Exam Policy Change
Additional Full Course Offerings
CICA Updates
Course Content & Material Changes
Withdrawals From Courses With Online Materials
2014-2015 Computer and Software Requirements
Minimum Student Computer Hardware 

Unsubscribe Feature on Student Communications
In accordance with the Canadian Anti-Spamming Laws which came into effect as of July 1, 2014, emails which are considered commercial or informational in nature, must provide an “unsubscribe” feature.

While at the present time, students will have the option to unsubscribe to Student Communications, we would encourage students not to do so, since the these communications are designed to aid a student’s journey through the CGA Program and meet upcoming deadlines. Should a student choose to unsubscribe to Student Communications, they would in turn take on the responsibility for monitoring this information through their own means.

CGA Program Changes
As at Session 1 of the 2014-2015 academic year AT1, BC1 and BC2 courses are no longer part of our CGA Program graduation requirements.  Therefore, they will no longer be offered in this academic year.

Supplemental Exam Policy Change
Commencing with the release of session 3 2013-2014 marks release and into the final year of the CGA Program, the opportunity to write supplemental exams will be extended to those who have received a failing grade between 0 to 64 per cent.  If students are then unsuccessful with their supplemental exam, they must re-enrol in the full course. Our policy prior to this change only allowed supplemental exam opportunities to those who received failing grades between 50 to 64 per cent.

Additional Full Course Offerings
In an effort to assist students, the Legacy CGA program will be offering additional full courses as indicated below.

Session 1
MA1 (full course), FN2 (full course and lectures), and AU2 (full course)

Session 2
MA2 (full course)

Session 3
FN1 – session 3 (full course)

Session 4
TX2, PA1, and PA2 (full course and lectures)


CICA Updates 

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the following release(s) of the CICA Handbook will be required:

  • Part 1 – IFRS 2014 edition or Update 22
  • Part 2 – ASPE, Update 10
  • Part 3 – NPO, Update 6
  • Assurance Update 9
  • PSAH Update 39

The above CICA updates are relevant for the following courses: FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4, AU1, AU2, and PF1. 

Course Content & Material Changes 

Level   Courses    
1 FA1

Update to new textbook edition, update to IFRS, ASPE standards, and the format of Assignment #3 is revised to resemble an exam.

2 FA2

Update to IFRS, ASPE standards.

3 FA3

Update to IFRS, ASPE standards.

4 FA3

Accpac is no longer used in this course.

3 AU1

Update to new textbook edition, update to CAS standards, update to November 2013 PPM, and the format of Assignment #3 is revised to resemble an exam.


Update to new textbook edition, update to IFRS, ASPE, NPO standards.


Updated edition of the Income Tax Act (98th edition).


Update to CAS standards, update to November 2013 PPM.



96th edition of the Canadian Income Tax Act

TX2 online Readings Book – 2012 Printing, 2nd edition 


Laurentian University Course Changes  

Updated edition of textbook


Updated edition of textbook

Withdrawals From Courses With Online Materials
Commencing in this 2014-2015 academic year, if a student chooses to withdraw from a course, the cost the online materials will now be deducted from the refunded course fee. Please see the CGA Course Refund Schedule for exact refund amounts.

2014-2015 Computer and Software Requirements 

The following are the required operating system and software applications for students:

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista Service Pack 1 — English language versions only 
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, or IE10
  • Microsoft Word and Excel, 2007, 2010 or 2013 
  • Acrobat Reader X
  • Adobe Flash Player most recent version

Please also be aware of the following:

  • Material on textbook publishers’ websites may require that additional software be installed
  • Students are strongly advised to have up to date antivirus software or an Internet security package
  • Students must have the ability to make changes to settings (including security) and install software (applications and browser plug-ins as required) on the systems they use
  • Apple (Mac) computer systems are not compatible with CGA course software and are not supported 
  • You must use Internet Explorer as your browser with Blackboard OLE as other browsers may cause problems 
  • Windows 8 - IE 10 is supported in the Desktop mode only. The New Windows Interface is not supported at this time (some interactive content within the course materials may not be functional)
  • The “Click-to-Run” installation, 64 bit version, and Office Starter 2010 are not supported
  • Office 2010 may not be available with new computer purchases but can be purchased from third party online retailers

You must be able to make changes to settings (including security) and install/uninstall software (applications and browser plug-ins as required) on your computer system. CPABC Computer support staff can assist you with ensuring you can successfully meet the above requirements, they do not support any issue related to the computer hardware/operating system malfunction/personal data loss and backups, and any website/resource/application/process which is not related to one of the listed items below:

  • CGA-BC website
  • Blackboard OLE resource website
  • Cantax


Minimum Student Computer Hardware 

The following is the minimum computer system on which the above applications and software should be installed for use with specific courses in the CGA Program of Professional Studies, and interaction through the Blackboard Academic Suite™ Online Learning Environment:

  • Intel core 2 duo or equivalent processor
  • 2 GB Memory
  • Up to 20 GB available hard drive space
  • DVD/CD-ROM drive
  • Video card with 128 MB onboard memory and DirectX technology
  • 15” Monitor capable of 1024 × 768 resolution
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Broadband (high speed) Internet connection

This configuration may not be adequate in future years or for other applications.



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