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Recent Violations Against
Academic Integrity Policy


September 2013 

There have been 15 violations identified and reported in session 4 of the 2012-2013 academic year. All 15 cases were reported by the assignment markers and involved students enrolled in BC1, TX1, MU1, and PF1 courses of CGA program. All reported cases of plagiarism had been thoroughly investigated and students have been provided with the opportunity to support their side of allegations.

4 students enrolled in BC1 plagiarized from various Internet sources while completing their BC1 assignments. The consequences varied from warning letters being placed in student files to zero on assignments or failure in the course. 

3 students enrolled in TX1 course copied from various internet sources while completing their assignments. All three students received 0 marks on their assignments. In addition, letters of warning were placed in their permanent student files.

2 students enrolled in PF1 course used various internet sources indiscreetly while completing their assignments. The consequences varied from warning letters being placed in student files to zero marks on assignments. 

In addition to these assignment violations, we have investigated the case of students swapping marked assignments while participating in the Google study groups, and those involved have been warned that their future assignments will be monitored by the administration of CGA-BC.  

All confirmed cases of plagiarism involved students who did not have previous violations against Academic Integrity policy in the past. All violators have been warned that should there be any other cases of a subsequent misconduct in the future the consequences will be much sterner. 

CGA students are expected to display a high level of ethical behaviour and integrity. They are expected to strictly adhere to the National Academic Integrity Policy, which specifically governs assignments and examinations. The policy outlines what is expected of students; identifies a list of academic integrity violations, which are not exhaustive; and identifies the consequences of not complying with this policy. Please visit our National Academic Integrity Policy for more information.

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