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Simply Accounting by Sage

12. Simply Accounting

According to a recent industy report, Simply Accounting by Sage is Canada’s number one selling small business accounting software, used by more than 400,000 Canadian businesses. The fully bilingual Simply Accounting is known for its easy-to-learn, easy-to-use approach to accounting while providing the most comprehensive features that small businesses require, from start-up through to maturity.

The product line consists of four editions: Entrepreneur, Basic, Pro, and Premium.

Entrepreneur Edition

Simply Accounting by Sage Entrepreneur is an accounting solution designed for small and home-based businesses that have entry-level accounting needs and require no payroll. It is easy to use, with a simple two-step setup. No accounting experience is needed. Simply Accounting Entrepreneur saves users time and money by tracking revenue and expenses, preparing invoices and paying bills, and generating reports in seconds using data you have already input. It frees up time so business owners can better serve their customers while saving money on bookkeeping fees. It ensures accounting integrity through a full-time audit trail.

Key strengths

  • One-step reversals – with one step, you can void a receipt or cheque and cancel an invoice or General Journal Entry while maintaining the audit trail’s integrity
  • Extended field lengths – for easier data entry, the majority of data fields can accommodate more characters
  • More flexibility for bilingual fields – option to customize and display various user-defined fields in English or French
  • One-step correction of common errors – with one step, you can correct common mistakes such as having selected the wrong vendor/customer in invoices, payments or receipts
  • The Report Centre allows you to easily navigate through reports and display report descriptions and sample views
  • Common language date ranges for reports – with over a dozen preset date ranges, you can easily select specific reports
  • Centralized access to report options – you can now set all report options in one window
  • Centralized access to system settings – get quick access to all system settings through one dialogue window
  • Automated backups and backup verification – for peace of mind, you can set Simply Accounting to automatically back up your data at scheduled times as well as verify the backed up data to ensure its integrity
  • Open Simply Accounting reports in Microsoft Excel
  • To maintain productivity, the Learning Centre provides easy centralized access to all the available help resources

Basic Edition

Simply Accounting by Sage Basic 2007 is the easy-to-use, entry-level accounting solution for small businesses with little or no accounting software experience. Simply Accounting Basic handles payroll, tracks inventory, manages budgeting, and generates reports in seconds. Users can create high-quality invoices, business reports and graphs for a professional look. Reports can be generated quickly and easily. Accounting integrity is ensured through a full-time audit trail.

Key strengths

  • Includes all the features of Entrepreneur
  • Two-stub payroll form – easily view and print year-to-date information on a two-stub payroll cheque form from the Simply Forms Designer
  • Link a salesperson to a customer record – for quick order entry, you can select a default salesperson to use in sales transactions within the customer record
  • Print incomplete T4 and RL-1 slips – even if a T4 or RL-1 isn’t entirely complete, you can print them and manually fill in the information at a later date
  • Customize tabbing order in transaction windows – improve workflow by customizing the tabbing order for fields in the sales and purchase transaction windows and in the general journal
  • Calculate vacation pay on released vacation – depending on your provincial government, you can set whether or not vacation pay is calculated for the employee on released vacation
  • Remove items from the batch printing list – for a more manageable Batch Printing list, you can easily remove items as well as select the desired printer before printing begins
  • Merge duplicate customer and vendor records – save time on managing customer and vendor records by merging duplicate entries
  • Export records in Simply Accounting format – exported records can be re-imported directly into another Simply Accounting data fil
  • Print T4 summary form on plain paper
  • Improved integration with Microsoft Office – you can now open a custom Microsoft Word or Excel document from within Simply Accounting
  • Customize the columns in reports – you can now customize the column layout in a greater number of Simply Accounting reports

Pro Edition

Simply Accounting by Sage Pro 2007 is an accounting solution designed for growing small businesses, offering ease-of-use, support for an unlimited number of currencies, integration with Microsoft Office and pocket PCs, and specialized features for service, inventory and manufacturing companies. Multiple users can simultaneously access, update and analyze data in real time. Users can track time, manage inventory, coordinate projects, and create customized reports. The Pro edition offers powerful search capabilities to find exactly what you are looking for in your records and transactions. Accounting integrity is ensured through a full-time audit trail.

Key strengths

  • Includes all of the features found in Entrepreneur and Basic
  • Also includes packing slips – users can improve workflow by printing packing slips from invoices to include with customer shipments
  • Users can improve the speed and accuracy of discounts given to customers by entering a percentage discount for a line item on a sales invoice – the discounted price will automatically be calculated
  • Multiple ship-to addresses for customers – great for businesses that have a head office and multiple regional offices or franchise businesses

Premium Edition

As the top of the Simply Accounting line, Simply Accounting by Sage Premium 2007 with Support and Payroll Services, is a comprehensive accounting solution with customer support, software upgrades, and payroll (with tax calculations and tax table updates) included. It is perfect for businesses with growing operations, especially those with multiple locations. It offers industry-specific accounting and analysis tools, and unlimited access to customer support. Payroll is easily managed with automatic tax calculations and tax updates. Inventory can be stored, transferred and tracked in multiple locations.

Key strengths

  • Includes all of the features found in Entrepreneur, Basic, and Pro
  • Also includes user-definable inventory categories – for easy searching and reporting, you can categorize inventory and service items into any group
  • First-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory costing – users can now choose between two inventory costing methods: FIFO or weighted average cost

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