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Making a Complaint FAQs 


Q.  Can I make an anonymous complaint?
A.  Generally speaking CGA-BC does not accept anonymous complaints.

Q.  Does CGA-BC charge for its investigations into the conduct of its members and students?
A.  No, CGA-BC does not charge a fee for its investigations or hearings.

Q.  Can I phone to confirm if there have been any complaints against a member or student?
A.  CGA-BC does not disclose its members’ or students’ discipline histories. If a member or student has been reprimanded, this information is available in the Disciplinary Summaries area.

Q.  Does CGA-BC get involved in fee disputes between public practitioners and their clients?
A.  Our complaint process does not investigate issues relating to fee disputes. Fees charged by CGA-BC members are a matter between the member and their client, and outside our jurisdiction.

Q.  Can CGA-BC order that I receive compensation from a member, past member or student?
A.  Our processes do not allow for remedies available under civil court actions.  If a member, former member or student is found to be in breach of the Association’s Code, the discipline imposed is limited to fines, membership status and remedial actions.  Full details can be found in Bylaw 904(a)iii), Bylaw B906(b) and Section 23 (1) of the Accountants (Certified General) Act. 

If you are seeking financial compensation from a member or student on any of these matters, you may wish to consult a lawyer.


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