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CGA-BC Certificate in Executive Leadership 

Some leaders are born. Others are made. And even the self-made learn the secrets to success from the wisdom of others. That’s where we come in. Great business leadership requires a unique blend of confidence, vision and skills. Strategic planning, ethical standards, sophisticated communication capabilities, project management, team building, and leading through crises, are just a few of those skills.

If you are looking to make the most of your leadership potential and take your career to the senior executive level, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the CGA-BC Certificate in Executive Leadership—where leaders are made.


Program Overview 

CGA-BC will confer the Certificate in Executive Leadership to candidates who successfully complete the following program within a three-year CPD period:

Candidates must successfully complete a minimum of 60 CPD hours from the qualifying core seminars, which include the following:

 Core Seminars  CPD Hours 
Stepping up to Leadership: Leadership Skills and
Team Development for the Executive Professional    
Coaching for Executive Excellence      13
Strategic Decision-Making      6.5
Best Practices for Leadership & Talent Management   6.5 
Developing Your Strategic Plan      13
Implementing Your Strategic Plan      13
Sustaining Strategic Initiatives     6.5  
Global Social Responsibility and Sustainability     6.5
Power Presentations for the Executive Leader       6.5
Advanced Communication and Negotiation Skills    13
Leading Change        6.5 
The Art of Facilitation        6.5
From Controller to CFO       6.5  
Leading High-Performance Teams       13

Candidates must apply for the CGA-BC Certificate in Executive Leadership and complete an additional 24 CPD hours consisting of the following:

Additional Requirements         CPD Hours  
Public Speaking Coaching        4 
Executive Coaching          6 
Case Studies         14

For more information on how the CGA-BC Certificate in Executive Leadership can boost your career, email [ymoulin#cga-bc,org]Yasmine Moulin, Manager, Professional Development or call her at (604) 629-8361. 

Program Structure and Benefits
The program begins with a group of core seminars that develop specific leadership competencies. Each seminar focuses on a critical component of leadership, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Negotiation
  • Team development
  • Social responsibility
  • Change management

The program also includes one-on-one executive and public speaking coaching. Each seminar provides valuable real-world lessons from some of the industry’s leading experts and most engaging speakers. In recognition of your achievement, you will earn your Certificate in Executive Leadership, a professional credential from one of B.C.’s largest and most respected professional organizations.

You will acquire substantive knowledge in the dynamics of leadership, providing your organization with a distinct competitive advantage. If you complete the program within three years you can expect to:

  • Become a more effective leader and agent of change for your organization.
  • Broaden your leadership skills and learn new concepts that can boost your career.
  • Maximize learning through a carefully integrated mix of lectures, presentations,
    group discussions and exercises.
  • Receive a professional credential from one of B.C.’s most trusted professional organizations.
  • Profit from valuable networking opportunities with other seasoned executives
    and leaders.

Our Reputation for Delivering Rewarding Professional Development  

CGA-BC is one of B.C.’s most trusted providers of professional development. Each of the leadership program’s seminars is carefully structured to deliver the industry’s best training and development for executives.

Program participants will appreciate CGA-BC’s experience in professional development—each year we deliver more than 200 advanced-level seminars to our members and the business community—experience that includes:

  • A well-earned reputation for securing the best instructors in each field
  • A commitment to using the latest presentation technology
  • A proven record of securing only the best locations and conference facilities.

The CGA-BC Stance on Plagiarism


CGA-Canada and CGA-BC have a strict policy against plagiarism.  Plagiarism occurs when a candidate is copying their case study analysis responses directly from sources such as text books, seminar materials or other candidate’s case study submissions. In an event where a direct quote is warranted, the candidate should reference it properly.

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