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Membership Readmission


Note:In all cases, you must apply for a change in member status. For further details, please contact [ecombrinck#bccpa,ca]Elize Combrinck, Coordinator, Membership at (604) 730-6229.



Membership Readmission 
Association policy requires that any former Member applying for readmission to membership must complete and submit an application form and pay a separate administrative fee of $275.00 plus GST.  Payment received for the administrative fee will be deposited forthwith by the Association and is non-refundable.  Should your application for readmission be accepted, you are required to pay the annual member dues that would have been payable during the period you were not a Member, to a maximum of five years plus the current year. Please note that any outstanding Professional Conduct matters are also addressed prior to an application being considered for readmission.

When the Member Readmission Committee reviews applications for readmission, they may consider certain professional development requirements as a condition of your readmission.  If you have any suggestions in this area, you may wish to include them with your application. The Readmission Committee may also require further information from you and may request that you attend a meeting.  After their review, a recommendation will be made to the Board of Governors for consideration at their next meeting.

Please take note that the definition of Practice of Public Accounting was revised effective September 24, 2011.  This information is found in the definitions section of the Code of Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct (CEPROC). The CEPROC is found in the “Ethics and Standards” section of the members’ area.  Any former member considering readmission should take note of the changed definition. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding this is in the Public Practice section under “Register in Public Practice”.  If you will be registering in Public Practice, the Public Practice Registration Package is also available in this area.

To request an application for readmission and to answer any questions you may have in this regard, please contact Anita Fortune, Coordinator, Professional Conduct, at 604-730-6236 or toll free at 1-800-565-1211 ext 236.



This member, who lives in the Yukon, pays 50 per cent of the CGA-BC dues and full CGA-Canada dues. This member participates in continuing professional developmentand can vote. This member also maintains membership with CGA-Yukon, and pays that provincial Association, member dues. The accounting department checks periodically to ensure that the member is paying the Yukon dues.



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