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Forms and FAQs 

Member Applications
Volunteer and Employment
Labour Mobility for CGAs
Dues Reductions and Waivers 

Member Applications 

Membership Certificate And ID Card Order Form [PDF 74 KB]
Application for Change of Membership Status [PDF 71 KB]
Member Transfer Form [PDF 40 KB] * 
Member Name Change Form [PDF 74KB]
Notice of Resignation From Membership [PDF 68 KB]
MBA Bursary Application [PDF 53 KB] 
Doctoral Degree Fellowship [PDF 38 KB] 
Membership Readmission Form - please contact Anita Fortune with your current contact information to request this form.

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Volunteer and Employment 

Volunteer Application Form  [PDF 25 KB]
Committee and Advisory Group Application [PDF 25 KB] 

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Labour Mobility for CGAs
* Effective April 1, 2009, the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) and the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) came into effect. The terms of TILMA and AIT provide for labour mobility for Certified General Accountants throughout Canadian jurisdictions.

If you are a CGA from another Canadian jurisdiction, you may qualify for recognition in CGA-BC.  The application requirements include:

If you have any questions regarding the transfer of your CGA-BC membership to another Canadian affiliate, please contact [ecombrinck#cga-bc,org]Elize Combrinck, (604) 732-1211 or 1 (800) 565-1211 ext. 229.

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Dues Reductions and Waivers 

CPD and/or Dues Reduction Form [PDF-116KB]
Retired Member (CPD and Dues Declaration) Form [PDF-78KB]
Medical Form (CPD and/or Dues Waiver) Form [PDF-58KB] 
Special Circumstances-Supplemental Information Form [PDF-266KB]

FAQs About Dues 

  1. What are the key dates for member dues?
    Annual membership dues are due on April 15, 2015.  A late administration fee of $150 plus GST will be applied if not paid by June 15.  Note that your membership will be suspended on July 15, 2015 if dues and late administration fees are not received by July 14, 2015. 

  2. What if I have trouble signing in to the CGA-BC member’s secure site?
    If you don't know or can’t remember your CGABC member login, you can use the online “reset password” function. If the reset password function does not work for you, you can contact Support at  for assistance.

  3. How do I get a receipt?
    Your receipt will be mailed on the Friday following receipt of your payment.  Confirmation of your payment will be sent to your preferred email address after you pay your dues.

  4. What happens if I can’t pay by the deadline?
    If you will not be able to pay your dues by April 15, 2015, please contact our Finance department to discuss alternative payment options.  Otherwise, dues that remain outstanding after June 15, 2015 will incur a late administration fee of $150 plus GST.  Members who are in default of their annual dues on July 15 are deemed to have resigned without notice.

    Applications for fee reductions can be found at Forms.  Please fill out forms and submit to Elize Combrinck at

  5. How do I change my “Member Status”?
    Please contact Elize Combrinck at 604-730-6229 (toll free: 1-800-565-1211, ext 1229) or by email at for more information.

  6. My name has changed. How do I notify CGA-BC?
    Please complete the Change of Name Form.

  7. How does CGA-BC protect my privacy?
    The Association adheres to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) with respect to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. Personal information is collected by CGA-BC under the authority of the Accountants (Certified General) Act and the Association’s bylaws for the following purposes: regulating the profession in accordance with the Act and bylaws; maintaining CGA-BC’s membership statistics and  membership directory; providing members with targeted information about products, services, and benefits provided by CGA-BC ICABC, CMABC, CPABC, and CPA Canada; and providing members with targeted information about issues facing the profession. Information may be shared with ICABC or CMABC staff, in accordance with section 33.1(1)(e.1) and (l) of the FOIPPA for the purposes of providing services to CGA-BC under the terms of the Joint Venture Agreement between CGA-BC, ICABC and CMABC. Questions about the Association’s collection and use of personal information may be directed to the Association’s privacy officer. Additional information can be found on the CGA-BC website under Privacy Policy—Personal Information.

  8. Can I donate to the CGA-BC Educational Foundation at the same time?
    Yes.  In fact, giving back to the profession has never been easier. The CGA-BC Educational Foundation provides financial support and encourages academic excellence.  To make giving back simple, your membership renewal notice will include a donation of $25 to the Foundation.  You can also change your donation to a different amount.  A tax receipt will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

  9. I’m a dual-designated member. Do I pay both sets of dues?
    If you hold multiple accounting designations (CGA, CMA, CA) and you have received this email, please contact us at as you are now only required to pay one set of dues.  Please see the CGA-BC Website for details.

FAQs Dues Reductions

  1. Does the annual Active Income* threshold apply to Long-Term Members?
    The income threshold does apply to Retired Members, but not to Long-Term Members with respect to dues; however, the income threshold does apply to Long-Term Members with respect to CPD.

  2. I am a Long-Term Member (40 years of membership or 70 years of age as of April 1). Do I have to comply with CPD?
    Long-Term Members must comply with CPD if they are engaged in the "practice of public accounting" as defined in the bylaws or serving on the board or governing body of a public company or reporting issuer.

  3. I forgot to apply for the Retired Member fee reduction this billing year (April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016). Can I still apply?If your Active Income* for calendar 2015 is less than the income threshold of $29,300 and you were at least age 55 on April 1, 2015, you may apply for the Retired Member fee reduction. However, you must apply sometime within the current billing year (before March 31, 2016). You cannot apply for this retroactively for prior fiscal years.

  4. I am expecting a baby in July. Can I apply for the Caring for Family Member fee reduction?
    Yes, if your Active Income* for calendar 2015 is expected to be below the Active Income* threshold. The calendar year basis is used to facilitate proof of Active Income*, as members may be requested to provide CRA Notice of Assessments to support their claim.

  5. I am expecting a baby in November. Can I apply for the Caring for Family Member fee reduction for this year's dues (April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016)?
    If your Active Income for calendar 2015 is expected to be less than the Active Income* threshold, you may apply. If your income exceeds the threshold for calendar 2015 you must pay full dues for 2015-16. For 2016-17 dues, if your Active Income* for calendar 2016 is expected to be below the 2016 threshold, you may apply for a fee reduction when the 2016-17 dues notices are sent out. The calendar year basis is used to facilitate proof of Active Income*, as members may be requested to provide CRA Notice of Assessments to support their claim.

  6. My employer is topping up my EI benefits while I am on maternity leave. Do these top-up payments count as Active Income?
    Yes, your top-up payments count as Active Income*.

  7. I am currently unemployed and looking for work. How does the "six consecutive months" work – is it six consecutive months in the fiscal year or calendar year?
    Your 6 months of unemployment may occur in a calendar year or span two calendar years. As long as the Active Income earned in a calendar year is below the threshold, you can apply for a reduction. If you have paid your dues, then find yourself unemployed for 6 consecutive months, you can contact us for a pro-rated refund for the time not worked as long as your Active Income for the calendar year is below the threshold.

  8. I will be attending first year of my post-secondary program in September. Can I apply for a fee reduction?
    If you expect to earn less than the Active Income* threshold for the calendar year, you may apply for the fee reduction. If you earn more this calendar year, you will likely be eligible next year if your program is more than 1 year in length. The calendar year basis is used to facilitate proof of Active Income*, as members may be requested to provide CRA Notice of Assessments to support their claim.

  9. What is the definition of "public accounting?”
    You should refer to the appropriate section of your legacy body's Bylaws for a definition of "public accounting."

Active Income includes gross income from all employment or director’s fees, and/or net income from self-employment. Active Income does not include EI, pension income, investment income, support payments, or disability income. All other sources of income shall be considered “active". We reserve the right to request proof of income. Income threshold is adjusted annually. Income is based on individual earnings, not family earnings.

Contact us if you have questions about:

Amy Li, Accountant or 604-629-8376**

Dues Reductions, Resignations, Name Changes and Member Records
Elize Combrinck, Registrar or 604-730-6229**

** Toll free in BC: 1-800-565-1211


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