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Award Nominations
Member Applications
Volunteer and Employment
Labour Mobility for CGAs

Award Nominations 

Ambassador of Distinction Award  [PDF 75KB]
CGA Community Service Award [PDF 59 KB]  
Chair’s Award for Education [PDF - 58KB]
Harold Clarke Award for Service [PDF 58 KB] 
Honorary Membership [PDF 57 KB] 
J.M. Macbeth Award of Merit [PDF 57 KB]
Life Membership [PDF 58 KB]
R.W. Caulfield Award for Leadership  [PDF  40K]
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Member Applications 

Membership Certificate And ID Card Order Form [PDF 74 KB]
Application for Change of Membership Status [PDF 71 KB]
Application for Educational Leave Status [PDF 46 KB]
Application for Family Status [PDF 46 KB]
Application for Retired Member Status [PDF 65 KB]
Member Transfer Form [PDF 40 KB] *
Member Transfer Form - Public Practice [PDF 29KB] * 
Member Name Change Form [PDF 74KB]
Notice of Resignation From Membership [PDF 68 KB]
MBA Bursary Application [PDF 53 KB] 
Doctoral Degree Fellowship [PDF 38 KB] 
Membership Readmission Form - please contact Anita Fortune with your current contact information to request this form.

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Volunteer and Employment 
Volunteer Application Form  [PDF 25 KB]
Committee and Advisory Group Application [PDF 25 KB] 
Chapter Board Volunteer Application [PDF - 281KB]
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Labour Mobility for CGAs
* Effective April 1, 2009, the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) and the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) came into effect. The terms of TILMA and AIT provide for labour mobility for Certified General Accountants throughout Canadian jurisdictions.

If you are a CGA from another Canadian jurisdiction, you may qualify for recognition in CGA-BC.  The application requirements include:

If you have any questions regarding the transfer of your CGA-BC membership to another Canadian affiliate, please contact [ecombrinck#cga-bc,org]Elize Combrinck, (604) 732-1211 or 1 (800) 565-1211 ext. 229.


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