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If you are no longer providing public practice services, you can deregister from public practice. To start the process, please complete the deregistration form and send it to the attention of Kate Talmage, Public Practice Administrator.

If you have questions about deregistration, please contact Kate Talmage, Public Practice Administrator.

CGA-Canada Public Practice Manual 

CGA-Canada has confirmed that the invoice received for the CGA-Canada Public Practice Manual dated May 1, 2014 is a full year subscription that includes a November 2014 update and monthly tax newsletters up to the April 2015 publication.

With the integration of CGA-Canada into CPA Canada on October 1, 2014, CPA Canada announced:

  • the CGA-Canada Public Practice Manual will complete its final subscription cycle in 2015-16
  • the Canadian Professional Engagement Manual will publish its final edition in 2015
  • efforts are underway for CPA Canada to develop a new resource that will blend the strengths of both legacy publications. The new resource is expected to be launched in the fall of 2016

Members who usually only purchase an online subscription may wish to consider purchasing the 2015/2016 CD prior to April 2016 in order to ensure continued access to the CGA-Canada Public Practice Manual during the time of transition to the new resource.
Please email PPM inquiries to

Merger Update - Frequently Asked Questions 

CGA-BC is pleased to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions that members may have about the coming merger and the creation of the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC (CPABC). This FAQ will be updated as new questions come in to us.

Personal Counselling Services for Practitioners
Practitioners may find that public practice can be an extremely stressful occupation.  And the stress of practice can sometimes be exacerbated by personal issues such as family concerns, health problems or substance dependency.  To assist with these challenges, all members are being given the opportunity to participate in counselling services provided by PPC Canada (Optum Health Services Canada) Employee and Family Wellness.

These benefits are described on the CPABC website.

Guidance Bulletin for Practitioners – Using or Acting as a Third-party Service Provider 

CGAs have a responsibility to comply with professional standards for all professional services performed in their firm’s name.  Of particular importance are the requirements of the CGA Code of Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct as well as federal and provincial privacy laws that govern the treatment of personal information, CGA-Canada’s Public Practice Manual and the CICA Handbooks.

The CGA-Canada Guidance Bulletin outlines the key issues that arise when using or acting as a third-party service provider.  It provides assistance to practitioners who use service providers, such as contractors, in delivering professional services to their clients.

The Guidance Bulletin "Using or acting as a third-party service provider" is an extract from the CGA-Canada Public Practice Manual, Practitioner Advice, Guidance Bulletins © 2005 CGA-Canada. Reproduced with permission. 

What’s in a Name? A Guideline for Practitioners on the Use of Firm Names 

When choosing a name for your public practice firm, it is required that the firm name clearly indicates the nature of the business structure; i.e., whether the firm is a sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLP or part of a network firm. This guideline discusses the correct use of the plural in firm names, what to avoid when marketing a single-owner firm that is part of a network, and examples of appropriate firm names for different ownership structures. See the Guideline.

Member Advisor 

As part of our culture of ethical support, CGA-BC appoints a Member Advisor, someone who can have protected confidential discussions or act as a “sounding board” for members or students who find themselves in situations of potential ethical concern. Recognizing the fact that this role presents unique challenges, CGA-BC has taken the important step of appointing a member of the Law Society of BC as the Member Advisor for members and students needing ethical advice relating to our Code.

Learn about the role of the Member Advisor and how to contact him.


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