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CGAs Help Meet Surrey Food Bank's Hunger for Volunteers 

22 SLND Chapter representatives show true holiday spirit 

This article first appeared in The Archway, the SLND Chapter Newsletter, on November 26.

For the third straight year, CGA students and members from the Surrey Langley North Delta Chapter have donated their time and efforts to the Surrey Food Bank. Twenty-two students and members spent most of the morning of Friday, October 26 sorting/handing out donated items, preparing hampers and facilitating their distribution.

This was a new experience for many of the 22 , including Irene Birch, who has been a CGA for over 32 years and relished the opportunity to volunteer in the community for the first time! Afterwards, they were given an informative presentation by the food bank. They were shown how a typical low–income family comes to need and use the Food Bank. After rent, utilities, gas, car insurance, and other fixed costs each month, there often isn’t enough money left over for food.

The following is a first-hand account from one of the volunteers, Annette Allen, CGA.

After a brief training session, I was on the front-line handing out food. This process is very well organized and respectful. After our volunteering, we were given a presentation on the purpose and use of the organization. I was surprised to learn the clientele represented a wide range of the population and come from virtually every neighbourhood in the city. I also found it interesting to learn more about the most valuable types of food donations, especially for infants. Also, of note, for every dollar donated the Food Bank is able to purchase $3 worth of goods; therefore, a cash donation is more valuable to them – as an accountant, this makes good sense. Please note that food donations are still very much appreciated.

The highlight for me was that I really felt useful to them, even though our help was only for a very small amount of time. The staff and volunteers were very friendly and helpful and I appreciated the respect given to those less fortunate. I would definitely help out again!

Once again, thanks to all the volunteers for taking time out of their busy schedules to help out. And special thanks to our friends at the Surrey Food Bank, Twyla, Rick and Feezah, for making the experience so enjoyable. We’ll be back next year, you can bank on it!




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