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B.C.'s Newest Certified General Accountants Are Poised to Lead
CGA-BC Chair foresees bright future for all CGAs 

The Certified General Accountants Association of British Columbia held its annual Convocation on Saturday (November 10) and admitted 457 new CGAs into membership for 2012.

The Association’s Chair Cindy Choi, FCGA, spoke at length about the opportunities and favourable outlook for the 2012 graduates and their fellow CGAs. In her address to the graduating class, Choi told a packed Vancouver Convention Centre that new CGAs will apply their education and skills in a changing job market that presents great opportunities.

“In the next decade, we will experience a talent gap with too few people to fill an increasing wave of accounting jobs. This is a time rich with opportunity and I am excited that you and your colleagues are poised to succeed in this new world and become our next generation of leaders—our leaders of tomorrow,” she said.

Choi noted that CGAs are “armed with a powerful designation [and] backed by a strong, progressive association.” She stated that future success for new CGAs and for the Association itself “will be rooted in four key competitive advantages” that include the market-leading strength of the CGA program of studies, and a strong national brand. As the third competitive advantage, Choi underscored the Association’s position as “a leader in protecting the public interest and in maintaining an unparalleled commitment to ethics.” Choi outlined the values that define CGAs —professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence— as the fourth competitive advantage that will help new CGAs succeed in their careers.

In closing, Choi reminded new CGAs that their education, skills and designation allow them to take advantage of abundant opportunities. “You became a Certified General Accountant with an understanding that you will often find yourself at the crossroads of change and opportunity through your career. Fortunately, your designation will serve as the foundation on which you manage the former and capitalize on the latter. With a CGA designation your opportunities—both professional and personal—are limitless.”

Vivi Yeung, CGA, of Burnaby was the 2012 Class valedictorian and in her remarks she emphasized that the CGA designation provides “the foundation and support to help adapt to a changing environment and strengthens us for whatever may come our way.” She told her classmates that “our curriculum, our leadership skills, our commitment to ethics and the ability to see more than just numbers” prepare new CGAs to contribute to their communities and succeed in their profession.

The event also served as an opportunity to honour CGA-BC’s highest achieving students. The Association honoured the 10 graduates who achieved the highest overall marks:

(listed in alphabetical order)

1. Nathalie Abramovich, CGA, Richmond
2. Emily Cao, CGA, Vancouver
3. Lingling Liao, CGA, Vancouver
4. Teresa Tsang, CGA, Richmond
5. Lynn Wang, CGA, Surrey
6. Rob Wang, CGA, Surrey
7. Xinming Wang, CGA, Surrey
8. Frannie Wu, CGA, Burnaby
9. Vivi Yeung, CGA, Burnaby
10. Yanyi Zhang, CGA, Vancouver

The Convocation program also included the presentation of scholarships and awards to teh following students:

Vivi Yeung, CGA, of Burnaby received the W. Curry McCalpin Award and the Association’s Gold Medal for being the graduating student with the highest overall average. She also received CGA-Canada’s Top 10 Recognition Award.

Yanyi Zhang, CGA, of Vancouver received CGA-Canada’s Top 10 Recognition Award.

Xiaohong Yang of Coquitlam was awarded the Level 1 Tuition Scholarship by the CGA-BC Educational Foundation.

Niki Westman of Vancouver was awarded the Level 2 Tuition Scholarship by the CGA-BC Educational Foundation. She was also awarded the ACCPAC International Scholarship.

Steven Dengin of Abbotsford was awarded the Level 3 Tuition Scholarship by the CGA-BC Educational Foundation. He was also awarded the Intuit Canada Scholarship and the CGA-Canada Award of Excellence – Level 3.

Kin Hung Yong of Burnaby was awarded the Level 4 Tuition Scholarship by the CGA-BC Educational Foundation.

Xuegui Song of Kelowna was awarded the Dave Elder Memorial Prize in Accounting. He was also awarded the JAZZ-it Scholarship.

Tania Ontiveros of Burnaby received the Robert Half International Award.

Sharon Bourassa of Prince George was awarded the David B. Reid Scholarship.

Cynthia Wang of Vancouver was awarded the TelPay Incorporated Scholarship.

Lidija Arizanovic of Coquitlam was awarded the OnPayroll.ca Corporate Scholarship.

Mary Ann Senadjan of Kelowna received the CCH Canadian Scholarship–Taxation Award.

Britt Lampe of Vancouver received the CCH Canadian Scholarship–Taxation Award. She was also awarded the Barbeau Silver Medal.

Yun Jung Hsu of Langley received the CCH Canadian Scholarship–Auditing Award.

In her closing remarks, Cindy Choi recalled the pride and excitement she felt on the day she received her CGA designation. “The sense of pride stems from having completed a rigorous program of studies that constitutes the best preparation for a career in financial management,” Choi told this year’s graduates. “The excitement comes from the knowledge that, as a Certified General Accountant, you have the potential—and the designation—to take full advantage of every opportunity that may arise.”


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