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CGA-BC Announces Customer Service Standards

October 31, 2012—Vancouver—The Certified General Accountants Association of British Columbia has announced its commitment to the highest quality customer service. In a four-point resolution, the province’s largest accounting body pledges to respond to all customers — in effect, our members, students and the public — promptly with staff who are knowledgeable, motivated and friendly.

The Association has always taken pride in the quality of service that it provides to its members, students, members of the public and colleagues. In fact, a 2011 member survey indicated that more than 85 per cent of members had positive impressions of their overall experience communicating with CGA-BC.

Certainly, an 85 per cent favourable response rating among the largest customer group is a sign of the care taken by CGA-BC staff to meet member needs. But according to Association CEO Gordon Ruth, FCGA, “While satisfaction is high, we wanted to increase the loyalty of all of our customers by improving our responsiveness to individual inquiries.”

The result is the first CGA-BC customer service agreement.

The Certified General Accountants Association of BC is committed to providing professional, responsive, quality service to all our customers. All our customers can expect that:

  • We will respond to all email and telephone inquiries within four business hours. 
  • We will acknowledge any mailed inquiries within two business days. 
  • We will strive to provide efficient, professional service from knowledgeable, motivated, well-trained and friendly staff. 
  • We will seek to deliver services to our members and students using technologies and methodologies that are appropriate to their needs. 

The key, says CGA-BC Director of Administration and Human Resources Dan Cheetham, CGA, is responsiveness. “It doesn’t matter if a customer seeks information, assistance, or even wants to make a complaint; the best way to leave a positive impression is to acknowledge them as soon as possible, to listen, and to provide solutions.”

He noted that there may be circumstances (times or questions) in which fully resolving inquiries within the above time limits may not be possible. However, the new standard is that an acknowledgement of the request will be made within the time frames, and they will receive a comprehensive response as soon as possible.  If you have any questions regarding the customer service standard, contact us at customerservice@cga-bc.org.


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