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Degree Requirements 

A bachelor’s degree is not required to enter the CGA program, but it is a graduation requirement. PACE is the final professional level of the program. Students are encouraged to complete the degree requirement prior to enrolling in PACE Level courses. 

For students entering the CGA program without a bachelor’s degree, CGA offers a choice of integrated degree opportunities.

Applicants with a recognized degree will receive advanced standing based on their academic qualifications and may be granted exemptions; additional courses and/or exams will be necessary.

There are two ways to satisfy the CGA program degree requirement:

Enter The Program with a Degree  

Students entering the program with a degree from a CGA-recognized Canadian or international institution satisfy the CGA program degree requirement.

In addition, credits earned in some degree programs may also earn CGA students transfer credits for CGA courses in levels one through four.

Degree requirement and transfer credits are determined in the program’s application and assessment process.

Complete a Degree Concurrently with Your CGA Studies 

For students entering the program without a bachelor’s degree, there are many opportunities to satisfy the CGA program degree with numerous post-secondary institutions, many of which offer degree programs through distance education.

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