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Program Regulations - Transfer Credits 

CGA students may complete approved equivalent courses at post-secondary institutions for transfer credit to many courses on the CGA program, provided that they maintain active student status by paying the full Basic Tuition Fee. Prior approval is not required from CGA-BC; it is the students’ responsibility to ensure that any non-CGA courses they take are recognized for transfer credit by CGA-BC.

Students should also confirm whether completion of the non-CGA course with the required grade will result in a full exemption, or if only a challenge examination privilege is available. Full details of non-CGA courses that are approved for transfer credit are published each academic year in a Transfer Credit Guide, available in print from CGA-BC, and posted in Transfer Credits under the Students tab on the CGA-BC Website.

Students should check the online Transfer Credit Guide for the most current information. To receive credit with CGA-BC, students need to submit an original transcript from the post-secondary institution, along with the Request for Transfer Credit form posted in Transfer Credits under the Students tab.  It is best for students to submit the request form as soon as they have completed the non-CGA courses in order that CGABC’s records are up to date. Non-CGA courses are subject to a transfer credit fee of $25 for each CGA exemption (except Public Speaking and Business Cases).

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