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CGA-BC Ends Merger Talks with ICABC and CMABC

May 24, 2012


Dear Member,

Following up on our update last week, I am writing to inform you that CGA-BC has terminated discussions with the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Society of Management Accountants of British Columbia. Both the CAs and CMAs remain in discussions in B.C.

Over several months of merger discussions, we have seen provincial bodies negotiating on different terms and with different timelines. Although CGA-BC supports unifying the profession, we recognized that this had to take place across the country, which has not happened. Beyond Quebec, where merger legislation was recently passed, only three of the remaining provinces (Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland) currently remain in three-way merger discussions. Proposed two-way mergers continue in Manitoba and Nova Scotia (without the CGAs) and in Alberta (without the CAs). On Wednesday, CGA-New Brunswick announced that it was withdrawing from talks there. And, as you know, both the CMAs and CGAs ended discussions in Ontario citing a number of issues that could not be resolved. Given Ontario’s withdrawal and the situation nationally, CGA-BC could no longer participate.

Moving Forward

CGA-BC remains committed to protecting the public interest and advancing the profession. We continue to consider strategic options to build on the strengths of the CGA designation in Canada and globally.

Our task now is to focus on the future of the CGA Association and designation—building our brand, promoting the strength of CGAs in the marketplace and reinforcing our position as B.C.’s leading professional accounting body. We have accomplished much in the past 60 years and we will continue to build on our reputation as the finance professionals and leaders who see more than numbers.

As always, we want to hear your views and we encourage you to contact us at merger@cga-bc.org.

Gordon Ruth, FCGA
Chief Executive Officer


Protecting The Public 



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