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Latest Ads Showcase CGAs as Leaders of Respected Corporations

September  28, 2011


New CGA television ads in the "We See More Than Numbers" campaign will begin running across Canada on Thursday, September 29.  In B.C. the spots will air on Global and CTV. The second installment of the campaign also includes new print and radio commercials, and will run until early December, break for the holiday, then resume in the spring.

The TV commercials show how CGAs add value to business by describing the second-by-second changes in two businesses operated by CGAs: WestJet, the successful customer-oriented airline, and Steam Whistle Brewery, Canada’s first sustainable brewery. The spots have a unique point of view and demonstrate how CGAs manage the changing business environment and see more than just the numbers as they work to build a profitable business.

These smart, visually attractive spots present CGA as partners with, and leaders within, class leading organizations. A third commercial featuring Rona has been produced in French. 


CGA Advertisements 




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Steam Whistle 

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 WestJet radio spot   



Steam Whistle Print  [PDF - 271KB]  


Protecting The Public 



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